The practice recipe: overcoming the negative emotions [and ego]

Does not matter what you do or not do: in the continuous coming up of the manifest [one after another in the stream]
check or see your intention motivation or what moves you instead of it first...
Remember too if intuition is coming up and/or interrupted by another seemingly more secure feeling...

If you do not want to think , think i do not want to think about ... and let further all come and go... without some identification.

Absolutely I see the Boeddha nature in all people, everyone: [we all are born and fed with it by our mothers]
just often hidden by not knowing and negative emotions as clouds over the blue space around the earth.
How could we survive by that non-asking, absolute and pure serving sustain and help overcoming the first 9 months inside
and overcoming the first three four years as a blanco awareness... consiousness... gathering the world...


4 noble truths by Boeddha:

1TH truth of suffering: we all are suffering from impermanence and not knowing the absolute truth [instead of relative truth].

relative: see the lovely one from all possible ... : she / he is the same inside / the same impermanence as we all are!!!
see the body and inside structure of bones organs limbs and so on, know its getting permanent transformating and so on...

An absolute wise man Ramana Maharshi says: nothing is coming or going or lost: its one big transformation in manifest world in time and space to see.
Einstein helps by energy = matter x lightspeed quadrated [ E = MC2 ].
Quantum mechanics helps: whether something can be together a particle as mass ... behaving and light as gulf ... behaving
So absolutey nothing disappears: energy light mass, space, consiousness even is eternal spread over billions and generations in our DNA.
The only we see is one big continuum of transformation giving each of us the 'time' 'space' to reach out to enlightement and liberation even into THIS liftetime.
The only you take with you from manifest life to another manifest life is a subtle pattern blueprint of negative emotions behavings [karma actions]
just as positive emotions behavings [karma actions].
These Karma actions we can purify during many lives until reaching by feeling and willing it into liberation and enlightenment [nirvana = free of all].
Insight with merits - meditation about that proces - practice the service - seeing the results is the whole path every individual goes...

2TH truth of the source of suffering: suffering because of not seeing all is impermanence and pervasive fading away.

3TH truth of cessnation of suffering: to cut the source of suffering

See everybody is coming from food by farmers help, clothed by others, living in a house made by others:
See the absolute interdependency of each other as city- , nation- , earth- inhabitants etc.
See the Mother earth really as our origin Mother with a measurable 'gift' of milk for all of us.
Really every one in over billions of lives has been our mother, our father, our son, our daughter as one big generation-family tree.
Realize that in our living genes and dna all coming lives are inprinted before becoming manifest...
We are just one living chain of pure consciousness and present awareness now...

4TH truth of the path that leads to cessnation of suffering: the way out the suffering: practice 3 fold path beneath explained a little:
The path of Boeddha - dharma - sangha.


3 mainways of suffering

1 from the body: pain reached out to the body
2 from impermanence and exchange of everything is impermanent
3 from negative emotions: the heaviest to recognize and the ego [ solution: coming on to patience and kindliness]
Really the ego is not you: it is the upset you in 'narrowed' situations... it is your real hidden enemy.

one for further explanation:
Anger is the most destructive bomb: not aware of what it will do with you and others too.
Anger gives very short some release but a very dangerous release.

Cool clear analysing about what to do in 'narrowed'situations is not possible.
Thats reason of saying '[count until howlong you need]' for getting some fresh air and thinking again ...

from the negative emotions to patience and kindliness and empathy.
The main road to liberation of the chain of lives.


Practice 3 fold path Boeddha [ compassionated wisdom ] , Dharma [ practice in service] and sangha [ in the communion living]


Short 4 points conclusion

InSight [boeddha] , meditation [Dharma] , practice [Sangha] , result [free of hope and fear].
gathering merit, meditation over it, bringing it over in every action in pratical ways.
See the result in others and the self.


From Longchen-pa, You Are the Eyes of the World, trans. Kennard Lipman and Merrill Peterson

Dutch: Het Juwelenschip van Longchenpa
Een gids tot het besef van pure en totale aanwezigheid, het universeel scheppende principe.
met een inleiding van Hans Korteweg
Het Juwelenschip

Very short in essence: page 19 (in the Dutch book): the second part of each : sight , meditation , behaviour, result :

Sight: awareness as eyes and hands of the universe: beyond and no individual perspective left.
Sight: becoming sure through the sight that the instruction offers: sight.

Meditation: in accepting this whole , like a tree trunk and roots.
Meditation: limitations exceed through hitting in trust, becoming one with this feeling the sight: meditation.

Behaviour: (conduct) [acting] to be so continuous and uninterrupted nonstop.
Behaviour: obstacles conquer , overcome by the way on which you lead your life: behaviour.

Result: outcome atlast the giving up of hope and fear: hope is projection of desire in time and fear is projection of dislike in time.
Result: the hand over of hope and fear/dread: result.

One is a free incarnation in space and time; which means one is possible to heal one's mind and life - action.

From the book Good life , good death page 164 [Dutch: voor de dood niet bang] by Rimpoche Nawang Gehlek:

The archaic meaning of "incarn", the root of incarnation, is "to cause to heal". While we live and when we die we have the
chance to heal our minds.
Added by blissiness from another origin:
The most subtle of it we take with us from life to life until enlightenment and liberation.


From the book Good life , good death page 170 [Dutch: voor de dood niet bang] by Rimpoche Nawang Gehlek:

A Mantra:

Go , go , go beyond , go totally beyond , be rooted in the ground of enlightenment [bodhi svaha]

so establish liberation in freedom and nirwvana.


Go : enter the path by accumulating merit
Go : enter the path of preparing deeply to perceive emptiness
Go beyond: enter the path of seeing reality, the direct and unmediated realization of emptiness
Go totally beyond: enter the path of meditation , literal habituation,
wherein one becomes deeply familiar with emptiness through constant practice
Be rooted in the ground of enlightenment [bodhi svaha]: enter final nirvana

Nota bene: this you can do in one life span by willing it.

From the book 'good life, good death' by Gehlek [Nawang] Rimpoche:

Good Life, Good Death: Tibetan Wisdom on Reincarnation Gehlek Nawang Rimpoche,
Foreword by Robert A.F. Thurman Riverhead Books, 2001
ISBN 1573221961

Voor de Dood Niet Bang - Tibetaanse denkbeelden over reďncarnatie Gehlek Rimpoche Uitgeverij Altamira-Becht € 14,50 ISBN 90 6963 590 9
Page [ 167- ] 172: in the end:


by this merit
may i quickly attain the state of a perfect being
and take with me
every being without exception.

We miss a lot by placing ourselves in 'private prisons',
enclosing and limiting our selfexpressions to each other especial the feelings and emotions [emovere=moving out].
We are not limited; we make ourselves limited, we do it ourselves...

Thank you for coming here...