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Reflection on the self is human and reflection on the Self is pure silence

The only moving you feel is the flow (in) and ebb )out( of breathing, like the ebb and flow of the ocean

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Daily and weekly 'moves' in Consciousness : not permanent staying; just clarifying

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Blis s-I-ne ss ~ Pe ace ~ C almn essSantosham (contentment)
Santosham (contentment) Peace Calmness is higher then joy...

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Maya op 29 juli 2005

Het grote Geheim [the big SECRET] : a computer , an engin, your consciousness, electricity etc.

All daily and weekly hints and [no]thoughts in the sense they are impermanence coming in the permanence of Consciousness Self:

Daily and weekly thoughts: not permanent ,continuous changing, just clarifying moods feelings

Transient nature of all

identification Atma and Brahman is the path-way-life leading to

Atman: the real Self in everybody

meditation of the week 06072005: Become Your Own Inner Guide

What is the mind? What is our character really?

A stream of thoughts in CONSCIOUSNESS, a stream of emotions...

Have you any idea of what your next thought, your next emotion will be?...

Nothing is so unpredictable as our stream of thoughts in CONSCIOUSNESS...

Our mind is actually so empty so fleeting, transient, transitory, volatile, superficial etc. as a dream too...

Even a thought we have is yet history; the only thing we have is the NOW.

This knowing , understand actually what is TRANSITORINESS, TRANSCIENCE and INSTABILITY...

Then actually compassion every second is not a luxury any more...


This homepage is continuous changing, dynamic evolving, breathing living, never ready ending, continuous transforming, never perfect... just total: just

like me...)

If you believe it and if you believe it not makes conceptual no difference at all:)!!!

Yoking and playfullness and seriousness and more attitudes are helpfull to understand beyond words too...

Especially the frontdoor-pages; the newest first, the oldest later; in the end you will find the earlier, oldest in spatial-time:)

Deze zin is zinloos en niet vertaald nog:) Now : This sentence is senseless and now translated:)


Om Namah Shivaya: i bow to the Lord who dwells in every heart: to the divine CONSCIOUSNESS in everyone...


Of all the gifts you receive from God, the greatest gift is SHANTOSHAM [read CONTENTMENT].
The opposite of Santosham is sorrow, which is the fruit of desire that arouses hope and almost always
results in disappointment or despair. One desire engenders another and proliferates into a hundred,
even when it is fulfilled. It knows no justification and has no end.
So, Santosham is the supreme blessing of the Lord, who, in His infinite Love, puts an end to that unquenchable thirst.
No wealth or worldly attainment can equal it in efficacy; Santosham is the culmination of desire
in full contentment and sacred satiety.



Today i get the message from all over the world's over nearly people:)!!!

This message is: EVERYBODY wants in reality some attention, some compassion etc.

Straight emotion behind this is , that nobody want to be hurted in anyway with more problems...

Does not bother from where the problems come or from whom...

The essential underlaying inprint in everymans experience is that we all negotiate what is negative etc.
It seems we spend all our emotional, fysical, material and more resources to many many other things like
a second house , a second car , a lot of holidays , and a lot of substitutes etc.
Simply have fun with being ok , being where you are , being with other people ; alienation even in a family is
to day a hindrance because of many seemingly seclusion forming, emotional and fysical and rational thoughts are between each other.
So we do all to escape from the prison , from the alienation etc... we made our self.
Only one thing we avoid: giving attention to each others pain , sorrow, burdens ; only because we can't bear somuch more...
In the philosophy lessons i learned that since ancient Greece, Descartes, the industrial revolution, the great differentiation, seclusion,
splitting all up in parts for the means of efficiency is coming too in our daily life , in our daily contacts, in our heads.
So what was meant as a tool, has become in a sure and someway prison for all of us.
I understand that to grasp to see the evidence in this last sentence one has maybe to have some 'education' or some like that.
I just tell to see the parable, the whole world is now differentiated in stead of more integration and so on.
People go to the film , go to i do not know where on earth , even soon to the moon:).
And encountering each other in the knowing we all have the pain , the burden, the difficult emotions,
can remind and regain us to try the most common way to be and to help overcome in laughter again:).
So people who can be playfull and not to serious, need no drugs as more more more more more etc.
The resources of the earth will be not endless; the changing of our environment will open our eyes again now spiritual-mental seen with the heart, the core Self.
We will awake, remind, remember how we did it before the last 2000 years:).
The earth for people is ending up in a mess, physically and mentally and emotional; so too in Europe for instance
we will be forced in a natural way; in the sense we will re-awake, we will re-gain our birth state: the basis of our SELF.
This second rebirth will be a spiritual rebirth , wich is a pure individual rebirth.
Only if many individual rebirths happen and begin to manifest in the 'outer' world, the whole world will change or follow...
No revolution , just a sort of spiritual growth, rebellion, RE-awakening has to take place: many individuals will change: then the world will change... Believe it or not...
This is 'my' finest hour; soon i hope to be still and practice this by living more awake, more unprisonned by the way:)
for now: thanks to all people who give me the chance to learn, to encounter, to practice and struggle to this moment.:)

We all love pleasure and profit in anyway we can get it!!!

Straight said: we all have a burden within us we can't share or we can't ask attention for to others,
because all the others have the same experience too...

Therefore people use to ask politely in the reach out to another human: how is your day or something like that.

Me individual seen in the extend of the history and always with a bad news story or complaint, see clear,
it was the surest and quickest way to alienate people from me [all complaints]

So i can say i speak as an expert in these...
Better is to say : what i tell now and here is based on experience all.

Now i understand why people reach out to other people asking first : how is your day?

After that , the path is open emotionally and on otherways to do AFTER that polite first : how is your day?,
to come out with their own storys, even complaints if the other one has made a testimonial for acceptance and/or/ NOT:)

Silence is needed to remind and remember this we sure all recognise this situation.
Silence or a gap in consciousness helps at that moment.
Silence or our always present knowing of attention as our basis Self [kunzhi and rigpa in Dzochgen].

What is meditation [sorry] in dutch:)

Easwarans Meditation Thougts of the day

a small attitude to try to translate an example of one of this meditations

Bokuju a master used to call his name and then answer himself 'Yes sir, i am here',
in that way he used his forgetfullness toward his own Self to clear and see himself Bokuju again as present.
Many people are in sorrow and forget their own presence; instead of having a "Yes sir, i am here,
they are consequently Not Present but moved in thoughts and daydreams filled with sorrow and pain...
After a time his disciples say: master now you call never again your name; why is that?
Master Bokuju answers: now i never lost my presence, i am always here and not lost in thoughts or sorrow...any time any more

This story i get from Osho again.

Believe me: i rewrite this page over and over: still i pretend not to be perfect; just total as possible...

ONLY the first alinea's are in dutch and not translated; because i take it pure as it manifests...
Sorry for the inconvenience now and here:)

…een man die naar de naam MOJUD luisterde…
Het woord ‘mojud’ is prachtig; het heeft twee betekenissen. Letterlijk betekent het ‘iemand die aanwezig is’.
Mojud betekent iemand die een innerlijke aanwezigheid heeft, die over opmerkzaamheid beschikt, die alert, die bewust is.

En de tweede betekenis, die van de eerste is afgeleid: iemand die in het heden leeft, die present is in het heden.
Dat zijn twee aspecten van hetzelfde verschijnsel.
Als je innerlijk aanwezig bent, als je een aanwezigheid van bewustzijn hebt,
gebeurt het tweede vanzelfsprekend – dan ben je present in het heden.
Dan heb je geen verleden meer, dan heb je geen toekomst meer, dan heb je alleen dit ogenblik.
En dit moment is oneindig, dit moment is wijd uitgestrekt, dit moment draagt eeuwigheid in zich.
Alleen zij die in het heden leven, alleen zij die in het heden aanwezig zijn, weten wat eeuwigheid is,
weten wat leven zonder dood is, kennen het mysterie, het onverklaarbare mysterie.

Naar Osho's boek : Mojud: het leven van een soefimysticus

From the book The essential teachings of Ramana Maharshi: a visual journey [InnerDirections Publishing] i get this:

Page 120:
Why do you worry about life and death?

Deathlessness is our real nature.
The real "I" exists [only] here and now.

There is neither creation nor destruction,
neither destiny nor free will, neither
path nor achievement.

Ramana Maharshi

Knowledge gratifies the ego, wisdom happens only when the ego is gone, forgotten. Knowledge can be taught;
universities exist to teach you. Wisdom cannot be taught, it is like an infection: you have to be with the wise,
you have to move with the wise, and then only something will start moving inside you. [Osho]

Good ; after reading in more then 1200 books i stop!!!
Now the time has come to get the proof, the fruit, the juice of all that containers (words).
Now the time has come to be wise; to let all words and content behind.
Remember just this very moment that is clear empty etc. open to receive in contentment.
There is nothing more then pure direction of attention awareness.
Every split second; every breathe in and every breathe out; what is it now that you keeps back from true experience?
Simple: what you former took for granted reallity: your chain of thoughts is the hindrance...
Keep that in an empty and open Consciousness and all will be as it will be...
True experience is reality; not more , not less...
Thanks to the many people who bring me here; they where all invitations to seek and learn and find out...
Whether they talk , do or whatelse more; they are the paving stones that are on my path and i am no more blind and can see.

Its natural that one reaches a moment with the discovery of the very Special in the usual common daily activities;
that means: living with no sickness , no thirst, no hunger , no slavery , no war, no etc.;
so just living in health, whith the minimum one needs for life: that alone is JUST LIKE A MIRACLE...
One needs no holiday, no extremes, no other 'drugs' to reach that true miracle...
Just Santhosham, read contentment is enough...
One day i was away from the center, because my son was lost; now i recover within 24 hours to contentment, shantosham again...

When you feel sometimes 'content' whithout any reason, you feel maybe far better then in great joy, which comes and goes:)!!!
If this contentment stays for ever, then you re-gain something like Santhosam...
Look in the eyes of a fresh child, just born a few months longer then a year:))

let the manifestation be there