From manmade ego and duty to natural love meant as sharing and compassion: the open door

Ego and duty are words created by man or phenomenons you can MAKE; so they are not so natural and inborn.

Real (overflowing and sharing) love and compassion you CAN NOT MAKE; its a state of being which is natural and inborn.

Good, thats old stuff now; i like to tell some more old stuff here.
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I guess i am here and now; yes i am like an energy that transforms all the time.
Body transforms out of (vegetable) food...
Food transforms out seeds, earth, compost and people who make grow it with help of sun water etc.
Body transforms to dust in a longtime; but steady all days, everyday, some change of stuffs inside:)!!!
What am i that IS still here and now 'all the time' ? ; not the transforming body, thoughts, feelings, emotions!
Better i feel to say the background-witness-me, the background-awareness-me, the background-counciousness-me,
even in deepsleep and in dreams, background-me is present here and now...
The only difference is there no motion in that background-me; like deepsleep-me is recovering!!!
The best meditation there is for recovering body-stuff which bears me...
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Guess i can release the deepsleep-me during 24 hours a day ........................!
Then the wake-me and the dream-me , the deepsleep-me are all looking like a witnessing background-me!!!
The problem is still that i forget this background-me by worrying, by feeling apart, by feeling lonesome etc...
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I read again some books; one tells about enlightenmentstuff and so on more...
Just accepting what is, what transforms, what happens, whether like or dislike, who tells who chooses?
Just transformation, just moving from birth to dead, with so many thoughts, emotions, sorrows, feelings,
i can better accept myself as IS, as i am that transformation itself.
Who says it should be better? on another way? If i do not , no one does, so its ok to be as i am here and now...
Getting better by knowing nothing is real; all is sure transformation;
transformation of energies; transformation from one form in another form etc.
The stops between words, sentences, thoughts, emotions, feelings, doings, work, etc...
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GIVE us a glimpse, a view on eternity (peace), meditate on that stops in between, ...
ITS our true home, does not matter where we are...
Here and now is everywhere...
Accepting that everything changes all the time, only the eternal peacefull background-me(s); they are UNITED as ONENESS
Oneness as that one SELF we are part of; part in; pure counsciousness... whether known or not!!!
Strange; on this moment the machine gives up, the screen is fixed and i start to type it over on the next screen:)!!!
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Good, this webspace is handling about counsciousness we all are born in and we all die in,
Dust into dust, counsciousness into counsciousness...
Samsara and nirvana are really one, not two (worlds)!!!
Just mindfulness, awareness attention, here and now is the key to this momentum in motion...
Enter the gaps, the open spaces in between by silences, bit by bit and again and again...
happy bliss-i-ness

Enter Bliss-I-ness


Started at 16 december 2003 with adsl!!! now and here ...