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This homepage is continuous changing, dynamic evolving, breathing living, never ready ending, continuous transforming, never perfect... just total: just like me...)
especially the frontdoor-pages; the newest first, the oldest later; in the end you will find the earlier, oldest in spatial-time:)

The primal sound form which the universe emanates; the inner essence of all mantras. Also written aum.

OM - aum NAMAH SHIVAYA: i bow to the [Self] in everyone: ik buig tot het [Zelf] in iedereen
(lit., Om, aum, salutations to Shiva) The Sanskrit mantra of the Siddha Yoga lineage;
known as the great redeeming mantra because of its power to grant both worldly fulfillment and spiritual realization.
Om is the primordial sound;
Namah is to honor or bow to;
Shivaya denotes divine Consciousness,
the Lord who dwells in every heart.
It took about from 1971 until 2004, before i got the message behind all the disappointments and reverses;
Now i understand why this all passes by: there is one big reason: called 'Learning from', going through,
makes you more and more attentive, more and more aware, more and more counscious and so on...
In the beginning as child you seem to live in a paradise, after reaching 10, you start to be aware of your parents's ideas
of living and this spreads when going to school and military service and studying on your own place for the world.

I got some illnesses, but in reality it was the beginning of a road to freedom, a long road during 33 years,
with many faults and ilnesses on nearly every level of life...
Now in the here and now i fully understand the road i had to go, for becoming that what i always was
without knowing...
The only difference is that i know not and now i know that i know not all that time...

The happenings, manifestations during 23 sept. 1971 until 12 nov. 1972, for which i got an insuline-cure,
because i did not understand what was happening to me that time, are not forgotten.
Only my writings of that time i do not have anymore...

Om Namah Shiva: i bow to the Lord who dwells in every heart: to the divine cousciousness in everyone...

Blissiness's *** Open door to Bliss -I-ness ***

Bliss -I-ness means Peace *** *** Calmn ess
Bliss-I-ness - Peace - Calm is higher then joy...

Knowing you are the eternal spectator and witness of your waking state, dreams and sleep,
you are in turya the 4th state, just a conceptual state beyond and before the three wellknown states waking dream sleep,
and then you know all there is, is pure counsciousness, attention...

Thich Nath Hanh, Tao Te Ching and Lao Tzu, Wen Tzu, Ramana Maharshi, Osho, Nis(s)argadatta Maharaj, Ramesh S. Balsekar, Poonja, Alexander Smit...

O no, EveryOne's BLISS-I-NESS says anonymous to me:))
Blissiness is everyman's bussiness; no need to search for; it happens 'all the time' you stop your 'dreams' , your 'minding' and release be(ing) here and now...
Whats in a name? i got it as usual from my parents:) as a usefull device...
There are over 6 billion voices ( united in One Voice: let Peace live; give peace in our hearts: we belong all to that One Voice...

2 june 2004 added You gotta serve someone, a lyric of Bob Dylan

Blissiness's *** Bliss-I-ness business *** Be here as you like it

What is in a name:) my father and mother give it to me:) and i still accept that name or form:)...
There are over 6 billion names or forms manifested as human beings on earth...

added: 22 may 2004:

16 may 2004: found a book "Leven en sterven" by Osho (trad. of 'the book of living and dying').
In this book page 183: the spectator is the new factor: the spectator of all what happens inside and outside you.
On page 281: the witness is permanent present; the witness of all what happens inside and outside you.
If you see this: you are the subject, the witness, the spectator of all objects passing in daytime, dream and sleep.
You are beyond and before all objects , all happenings , all manifestations which you call [your] life.

12 may 2004: found a book "From the Finite to the Infinite" by Swami Muktananda.
Also found: "The book of living and dying" [trad. in Dutch: Leven en Sterven] by Osho.
With 12 may 2004 i reach somehow an end after a ten years-search: beginning about may 1994 spontaneous with 'The book of nothing' by Osho.
Now and here there is no time and space left anymore: both solved in the eternal here and now!
Still living attention stays, pure awareness, pure counsiousness, seemingly empty, so full 100% potential attention...
Thanks the day my parents give me the chance to come in this life...
Thanks for every challenge, every moment of fear, every moment of doubt, etc. that brings me until here and now...

If you can not find yourself in your actions, in your thoughts, in your emotions, in your head, in your body...
there must be something not to localize in space-time what you really are in every breathe you take in every second,
there is one answer possible then: you and your attention are quite the same:) ; that is your core-self, you as pure awareness, pure counsciousness, that you are...
WITNESS of your own ATTENTION in [your] actions, thoughts, emotions, body, head and so on.

Moonview : Nature's satsang flows around the earth: deepsleep calmness

[a] Boeddha reach[ed] enlightenment: 100% attention, pure awareness, pure counsiousness, pure seeing reality as is...
a non-mind; better read: a CONTENT-LESS MIND, substance-less, subject-less, object-less, a non-ego,
no object, no subject, a very awake, aware, counscious, attentive, no object-, no subject-, no-mind-Content-bearer: pure Counsciousness... a boeddha...

Its the same if you jump away for a snake, which is in reality a rope in the dark, bad interpreted by darkness, good in the light...
You are fully aware, but no thinking mind, a content-less mind and still you jump...
My daughter says: thats only a reflex; NO you are fully aware of the snake on that moment itself...
The same is with a baby that learns a lot in the first years of its living after birth...
It has awareness and needs it to discover the world outside and inside, to learn about it.

So back to Boeddha's sharp 100 % awareness....
outside world and inside world transcending, samsara and nirvana transcending into one reality of eternal {non-personal} truthness... trueness

I know it is hard to believe or to experience, but you can and will many times in your life...

Every action you do with 100% attention or awareness, and it does not matter what you do,
is meditation in which the doer and the done disappear: only the doing is there...

All your life is meditation in the moment you do so...
If you understand this clear there is nothing more to understand on earth... or this milky way...

For the logical, analyzing, mathematical minds (99,9% of mankind):remember:
If we ourselves can create problems and difficulties for (each) other and or ourselves,
then we can also learn to solve those problems too...
Otherwise why should you stay praktizise and staying with problems?

If it is not your concern then be clear: do not bother them if they can't solved by your own attention!!!
If it is not our action or our intention that problems happen, they have an other well, meaning for life.
Just things happen, just as you were born and will die: here i speak about the bodies that will die once sure.
Not your impersonal counsciousness, that CONSCIOUSNESS is eternal, just pure awareness, attention...
in each breathe you take, better you live...

24 april 2004; adding to this page:

Most people give all they have to clean up their body, their houses, their garden's their whole surroundings etc.,
lesser people are aware the need to clean up their toolbox, their mind-activity-surroundings.
It is experimented and discovered now that by cleaning up and reorganizing your mind-toolbox-activities,
you can funktion better more balanced and straight without unneeded sidepaths...etc.
The tools to clean up your (un)Cousnciousness, your awareness , your alert attention, your 100% AVAILABILITY is
not found in a cleared up surroundings outside, but in a cleared up surroundings INSIDE you...

There are efficient scientific ways to help you: Yoga, meditation, zen.

I take Yoga; one of these as example now.

In the same way you learned to keep your outside surroundings clean and cleared up etc., you can learn bit by bit,
to clear , clean your mind-surroundings inside by just daily small busy doings with a great effect on long term.
In the same way you give water , food etc. to a garden bit by bit....

I tell here about the eight steps PATANJALI tells about to clear and clean up the inside surroundings of mind (activity).
i mention them very short; because by reading what PATANJALI has said, you have to find the book and the whole content.

the eight steps or interrelated: they follow up after each another, so none can be leaved away in between.
Some of them are bridges: for instance step 1, 4 and 7 are bridges.

1th: SELFMASTERY: not negative seen (now+here), just for your self see the profits for instance of selfmastery when you are
alone left on an island and you have to keep yourself alive again...
selfmastery is good also you should have to live totally alone:). So living at ease with yourself with notion, not as a law...
i mean the discipline which comes, is discipline with notion and understanding the profit of it...
So selfmastery is to direct your life, your life-energy, NOT by suppression, just on a creative way.
On a sure moment your life-energy is gone and you stay empty behind, empty and nearly dead...
So there is sure a positive selfmastering possible: not as a law, but a living clear usefull discipline.

Selfmastery is a Bridge between you and the others; the first bridge.

2th: PRECISE OBSERVANCE: seems like discipline: but again not as a law, more as a direction to move to a regulary life,
on a way you are not longer a slave of your instincts or unorganized wandering thoughts: mastery of inside.
this way seen you can master bit by bit your inside surroundings on a natural understand way, NOT as a law.

Precise observance is for preparing the step 4 or second bridge.

3th: POSTURE: an relaxed posture of the body too. This step is just possible after the two others before.

Posture is too for preparing the step 4 or second Bridge.

4th: REGULATING YOUR BREATHE: breathing. look a copple of days how you breathe in different circumstances...
You will be suprized how many way of breathing you have and which one is the nicest way to keep breathing on
as regulary one for you, its a rather personal way of breathing i guess:).
Once you discover your rhythm , you can make it a daily rhythm for good...
Once you discover a rhythm and you do not feel yourself apart ot the world: you are one with a greater rhythm.
This regulating your rhythm of breathing is one of the biggest discovery of mankind, greater than the moon-discovery.

Regulating [your] breathe is a Bridge between [your] body and [your] mind; the second bridge.

5th: ABSTRACTION: maybe most difficult to understand: coming back to your self: this is just possible after step 4.
Now you can come back to yourself which means that relaxed etc. you are closer to your own center etc.
You are not longer a mass of feelings, thoughts etc. , no you are more like an individu: an undivided wholeness.

Abstraction is preparing the step 7 or thirth Bridge: between the mind and the soul.

6th: CONCENTRATION: now you can direct your Cousciousness, your awareness, your attention.
First in step one you give direction to your life-energy in a natural way; now you give direction to your awareness.
Now your awareness, attention, CONSCIOUSNESS can be one pointed on a centerpoint.
Your thoughts are centered on a point: in this way that your thoughts are not fleeding, wandering all the time...

Concentration is preparing too the step 7 or thirth bridge: between the mind and the soul.

7th: CONTEMPLATION: is now possible: centering in your middlepoint, going nowhere (to the outside for instance)
You are relaxed, concentrated, centered and at home inside.
Even a thouhgt is not needed ; it is not you: you and the object of thought is outside you: are two...
After concentration you let go the object too; let fall the object of the thought too.
Now you are in meditation: you let fall everything, every thought and you are pure concentration, awareness, attention, Counsciousness.
This is a very intense state of pure awareness, attention, CONSCIOUSNESS (100%).
You let fall the object [of thought etc.], but you the subject are fully aware, awake, clear, concentrated, centered.
the only feeling left can be: I am, the i am-ness...: this is not the ego just the shadow of the ego...
it is not anymore a thought now; then you should be an ego with that thought...
In meditation is only you as subject left with no object...
thus even the 'i' is gone at that time...
just a being there as a shadow is left a bit now.

Contemplation is the Bridge between mind and soul; the thirth bridge.

All the 8 steps are interlocked as a chain... step one to eight i mean.
So noone can be left away or passed by...without...some experience and trying... and understanding.

8th: TRANCE or samadhi: extase takes place as is-ness too disappears, you forget you exist.
Naturally you exist, but there is not one reflection on that 'i am' or ''is-ness' anymore...
in trance , samadhi you are like a boeddha, a very awake, aware, counscious, attentive no-mind-bearer: pure Counsciousness.

From the book: the way of Yoga: I used the Dutch Translation: Op de yogaweg ISBN 90-5980-021-4
This book gives a very good explanation of PATANJALI's Yoga-sutras -path experiences.

If you got the message in the above eight steps coming from PATANJALI, you do'nt read a letter more of this homepage...
Then this webspace is further just for killing time:) or for fun etc.
What you want it to be...

This homepage is handling about HOW to FREE as much as 100% of CONSCIOUSNESS = ATTENTION [you] in a way you can USE your TOOL[BOX],
your BODY-ACTIVITY MIND[-ing), as SHARP as POSSIBLE in a ONE-WAY driven TOOL: 100% ATTENTION set on your ACTION...

Have you ever listened 100% to another person? I mean 100% what means that You are not thinking for 50 % and listening for 50%!!!
In the moment you listen for 100% and stop thinking inside for 100%: you are 100% attention, 100% ready for listening..., open to receive...
I guess most of the time people doing some percentage listening to another , some percentage 'thinking' talking inside...
It is rather good to memorize how good you really can listen (up to 100%) or have always a inside busy talking , 'thinking' background,
which absorbs too a sure percentage of your 'mind-activity' mindfunktioning...

An old sage ask a king to bring his awareness with him...
The king wonders where he keeps his awareness all the time...
So the old sage tells him: close your eyes and seek inside where you keep your awareness...
The king tells him: i am not possible to find something...
The sage says: you fool by seeking your awareness you can not find some place , some stuff...
Your awareness or cousciousness is an activity of your body...
In the moment you start seeking, you ARE that seeking, seeking absorbs 100% your attention or awareness or consciousness...
So thinking minding using your mind is just an activity of your body, just like other activities as walking, eating, working etc.

All People (You too) as pure CONSCIOUSNESS have a toolbox: a mind
A mind is just a possible activity of a Counscious body, a funktioning , even idling and stationary some times:).

Just as walking, eating, sleeping, dreaming, loving, working, having sex,
seeing, feeling, smelling, hearing are possible... activities, possible... funktions ...

You can use it in [some times] a wrong way: analyzing mostly...logical dividing, splitting, differentiating, making apart things ...
or in a good way: integrating mostly... analogical with the HEART:) busy too, healing, making One, bringing in Union, Creating ...
It is up to you; without minding you are Bliss:)
Bliss is you when the source of unbliss:
mind with a bad activity is taken away:)

Bliss, Happiness is your WELL inside as birthright, by the Absence of Unhappiness:)!!!

Good leaders can give 'Water' to the positive seeds in people's toolboxes.
Not 'watering' bad seeds will not activate that seeds; such seeds die out.


The open door

CONSCIOUSNESS pure : YOU, has / have a TOOLBOX: mind[-ing activity]
[MIND-ACTIVITY] is just an activity of a Counscious body, mind-ing, like sleep-ing, walk-ing etc.

CONSCIOUSNESS pure is YOU; with a stationary mind-activity like a car while the motor is running idle or stationary.
If You as pure CONSCIOUSNESS for instance can listen 100%, your mind is 100% stationary and idle for that time.
STATIONARY or idle means your mind is 100% attention, awareness, CONSCIOUSNESS and available and open.

(If you can stop mind-activity then you can sleep well and REGENERATE the body)
[If you can stop the mind-activity totally and you master the mind, you can use it as a sharp, oneway CREATIVE tool]
Just as you drive your car without thinking about steering, stopping, driving on automatic pilot: reflexes learned.
{If you can master the mind and leave the mind hehind you , you are BEYOND MIND, you are/see with 100% clear cousciousness}
If you can live 100% counsciouss, the mind is 100% like a toolbox you CAN use...
You can use it in a wrong way: analyzing mostly
or in a good way: integrating mostly...
It is up to you; without minding you are Bliss:)
Bliss is you when the source of UNBLISS:
mind as a bad activity is taken away:)

You as pure living CONSCIOUSNESS with a HEART CAN choose freely which SEEDS you give 'WATER',
Giving good and positive seeds 'water' let them grow; (identifying with the positive)
Giving bad and negative seeds 'water' let them grow too; (identifying with the negative)

You , pure CONSCIOUSNESS with a living HEART and a active toolbox: a stationary mind-activity-toolbox,
CAN choose FREE how and when and where you use your mind-activity-tools all the time you are...
... .. .
... .. . silence here and now . .. ...
... .. .
There is no Way to Happiness, HAPPINESS is the Way.
The Buddha, BOEDDHA.
... .. .
... .. . silence here and now . .. ...
... .. .

18 th april 2004:

Today is reached the top of the 'BUILDING' of the Blissiness-homepage.

Let me start now from the end to the beginning.
Therefore i use LOGIC [mind-tool] [or/or splitting, analysing, dividing] and ANALOGIC [Heart-like] [and/and bridging, healing ,integrating] as concepts.

Bliss and Happiness is best to describe as the ABSENCE of Unhappiness,
This means: if unhappiness is absent, then happiness rules:)!!!
this is found out by the Buddha , Bhoeddha...

Human beings have a heart [often the BOSS] that works INTUITIVE; analogical with and/and , bridging, integrating concepts; womanlike:)
Human beings have a mind [often a SERVANT , a tool] that works LOGICAL with or/or, analysing, dividing concepts; more men like:)
In reality both men and women have the same heart [the boss] and the same mind [the servant, the tool].

Human beings are pure COUNSCIOUSNESS, awareness MANIFESTED in/by a body for TIME AND SPACE.
The BODY-MIND CONCEPT has 2 determinants: the most gross is the body; the most subtle is the mind.
But in reality they are ONE; just like two sides of a coin.
The two sides are COMPLEMENTARY [and/and] and not ANTAGONISTIC [or/or] OPPOSITE.

YOGA, MEDITATION and ZEN are in use as SCIENTIFIC tools for the mind, BRIDGING, HEALING, MAKING ONE, whole.

Boeddha reached ENLIGHTENMENT (whatever it may be:) : he masters the use of his mind.
Boeddha reached 100% CONSCIOUSNESS by stopping the activity of the mind.
Boeddha reached happiness, bliss, just by right use of the mind-tool as a servant.
Boeddha declares you are pure counsciousness, awareness, ATTENTION,
and you can use your mind-tool , an activity of the body just as other activities of that body,

1 th: in a right way: towards healing, happiness, bliss... to wards what you are from the beginning:)!

OR... ( /AND [see the splitting , analyzing [or]]- [[see the Bridging, integrating [and]]- possibility of the mind-tool now:)!!!

2 th: in a wrong way towards unhappiness, disease, alienating, splitting mind from cousciousness, schizophrenia...

Boeddha [ with a heart , a mind, CONSCIOUSNESS , awareness, ATTENTION ] could manage his attention
in such a way he is the counscious, aware, attentive master of his mind , the servant-tool now.:)!
Boeddha is a NO-MIND in a way he is PURE ATTENTION , counsciousness, awareness
and possible to go BEYOND the mind wich he CAN use as a tool.
In that way seen he masters his mind and goes beyond his mind.
now its possible to say Boeddha uses his tool the mind in a right way maybe!

NOW the MADMAN [ with a heart , a mind, CONSCIOUSNESS , awareness, ATTENTION ] : he is TOO BEYOND his mind but in a different way.
The MADMAN is ENSLAVED by his mind-tool: his mind-tool is 100% and he is not anymore as attention, awareness, counsciousness.
The madman has no mastery of his mind; his CONSCIOUSNESS disappear total.
Therefore the madman has NO GRIP on his awareness, his counsciousness, his attention,
because he LOST CONTROL of the tool the mind...
The madman is BEYOND the tool the mind , because his awareness, his cousciousness, his attention is turned in a CHAOS.
Now it is possible to say the madman 'uses' his tool the mind in a wrong way maybe!

Most people have this analysing and integrating QUALITIES.
Most people live between this 2 EXTREMES: a boeddha and a madman.
All people have happiness, bliss[iness] as BIRTH-RIGHT and well inside.
Only when UNHAPPINESS is cleared away, will happiness follow; like Sun is always behind clouds ready to shine.

YOGA, MEDITATION and ZEN are in use as SCIENTIFIC tools for the mind.


I repeat this now, because YOGA-MEDITATION-ZEN can help mastering your mind in a right ATTENTION-way.

Yoga meditation zen can help stopping the mind, working as a wrong tool.
Yoga meditation zen can help growing your ATTENTION, cousciousness, awareness.
Yoga meditation zen can help mastering the mind by sharpening your ATTENTION, awareness, counsiousness.
Yoga meditation zen can help using the mind, working as a good concentrated one way tool.
Yoga meditation zen can help balancing from chaos to eqanimity.
Yoga meditation zen can help unhappiness turning into happiness, blissniness.
Yoga meditation zen can help directing your ATTENTION, awareness, CONSCIOUSNESS to use your mind-activity-tool in a right way,
a way towards happiness, bliss, creativity, sleep or whatelse you need...

Now i like to mention the PRACTICAL and POETICAL saying of THICH NATH HANH :
All people have the free choice to direct their attention, awareness, CONSCIOUSNESS towards the right seeds!!!
Give 'water' , attention, awareness, counsciousness, [by means of right use your mind-tool] at the right seeds.
Give no 'water' no attention, awareness , cousciousness [by means of the wrong use of your mind-tool] at the wrong seeds.
All people have to live with right and wrong seeds.
Still all people can choose to give 'water' at which seeds: the seeds of happiness and/or the seeds of unhappiness.

Next part is on the next page as: EDITION OF THE DAY:) 17 th april 2004: BRAND NEW!!! Yoga-Meditation as science and a good sleep!!!

... .. .
... .. . silence here and now . .. ...
... .. .


17 th april 2004:

SPATIAL-TIME to say here Blissiness's bissiness or business is not the bissiness or business of the material world.

Dealing with The State of the Union of the World:), the State of the HUMAN ENERGY RESOURCES...
So Not dealing with The OIL resources and/or the exploring of OTHER ENERGY RESOURCES: NO JUST dealing with the HUMAN ENERGY RESOURCES!!!
This has nothing to do with all sorts of believing, religion and the whole range of Concepts following out them.
This has also nothing to do with dominating, manipulating, imperalismating, conquering or all words with 'OVER' in it.
Parts[oil- and republican-people???] of the USA goverment behave now as like the ANCIENT ROMAN EMPIRE.
The European Union [25 countries included!!!] try to behave like the ANCIENT GREECE with their developping Democracy inside.
My brother tells me that Terrorism all over the world dissipates so much of America's material- and energy- resources,
so much, so much time, space, money.......
that The USA has to give United Nations [191 Member States!!!] the possibillity to revitalize, facilitate, democratify the Iraq Human Energy Resources,
to help grow, nourish, facilitate and feed Iraq Democracy...
So its seems that in this way seen Terrorism is a balancing medium against America's starwar-developping-stages!!!
West Europe can help maybe Iraq Human Energy Resources give new forms...

HISTORY is still repeating...seems to me:)
But the AGE OF ENLIGHTEMENT is asking, demanding further evolution of the HUMAN ENERGY RESOURCES as soon as possible...

NO, this is dealing with feeding, nourishing, supplying, facilitating HUMAN ENERGY RESOURCES.
Unifying 6 billion and more people in ONE union of the BLUE EARTH we try all to live on...
For this we need no more generals and weapons and new defense-buildings in space...
For this we need no more new defense for peace strategies which costs over a quarter of worlds material energy i guess.
History has enough proof and enough demonstrated that defence industries, defencebuildings, strategies, army's, generals, weapons lead to more of the same stuff...
Strange: history is primary the history of war; of the world we do not need...!!!
There is no history written about the HEART, LOVE, and all things we need to overcome...!!!
Well known generals like Alexander the great, Napoleon, many Roman Emperors and fill in yourself this list for today:),
conquer[ed] the whole world, but lost theirselves and many people with them...

NO, we need a new sort of leaders...

The Blissines-business or bissiness handles/ deals more with bliss, the in born state of the living manifested.
Because we all are parts or manifestations of the living counsciousness, it handles/ deals about all 6 billion and
more people, whether we are in [material] richness or we are in [spiritual] richness...!!! OR/AND BOTH OR/AND/NOT
It depends especially on the WAY we CAN CHOOSE to give ATTENTION or 'water' to the RIGHT SEEDS in our
vast explorable OUTSIDE AND INSIDE world...and...COUNSCIOUSNESS!!!
Some people give water to the egoflowers of the mind, some people give water to the matters of the HEART!!!
and so on; stay attached to the heart and leave the mind only as a tool to use...
Nourishing, facilitating etc. is good work of the heart:))!!!
Dominating, imperialismating, conquering, etc. is wrong work of the mind:))!!!


Email: blissiness@gmail.com

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