Become Your Own Inner Guide

Don't think with the head. Really, don't think at all. Just move. Try it is some situations.
It will be difficult, because the old habit will be to start thinking. You will have to be alert:
not to think, but to feel inwardly what is coming to the mind. You may be confused many times
because you will not be able to know whether it is coming from the inner guide or from the surface of the mind.
But soon you will know the feeling, the difference.

When something comes from the inner, it comes from your navel upwards. You can feel the flow, the warmth,
coming from the navel upwards. Whenever your mind thinks, it is just on the surface, in the head, and then it goes down.
If your mind decided something, then you have to force it down. If your inner guide decides, then something bubbles up
in you. It comes from the deep core of your being towards the mind. The mind receives it, but it is not of the mind.
It comes from beyond ? and that is why the mind is scared about it. For reason it is reliable because it comes from behind ?
without any reason with it, without any proofs. It simply bubbles up.

Whenever you are puzzled in a situation and you cannot see how to get out of it, don't think;
just be in a deep non-thinking and allow the inner guide to guide you. In the beginning you will feel afraid,
insecure, but soon, when you come every time to the right conclusion, when you come every time to the right door,
you will gather courage and you will become trusting.

If this trust happens, I call it faith. This really is religious faith ? the trust in the inner guide.
Reasoning is part of the ego. It is you believing in yourself. The moment you go deep within you, you have come to
the very soul of the universe. Your inner guide is part of the Divine guidance. When you follow it, you follow the Divine;
when you follow yourself, you are complicating things, and you don't know what you are doing. You may think yourself
very wise. You are not.

Wisdom comes from the heart, it is not of the intellect. Wisdom comes from the innermost depth of your being,
it is not of the head. Cut your head off, be headless ? and follow the being, whatsoever, where-ever it leads.
Even if it leads into danger, go into danger, because that will be the path for you and your growth.
Through that danger you will grow and become mature.

Osho: Excerpted from The Book of Secrets