The Centennial Bonneville T100 Motor

T100 is build after the fire in okt. 2002.
I got the motor-drivers-licence pretty late on sept. 26th in 2002.
In 1968 -1969 I drove without it 2 years:)!!!

The movies are made by my daughter while she was sitting back on my brothers motorcycle.

TIP: right-click on the items and choose target download as...
Then you can choose where you download it,
and how you play it with what and just fine!

pault100-01.mpg 681 kb
pault100-02.mpg 2.183 kb
pault100-03.mpg 2.537 kb
pault100-04.mpg 1.853 kb
pault100-05.mpg 3.125 kb
pault100-06.mpg 4.133 kb
pault100-07.mpg 1.999 kb
pault100-08.mpg 1.359 kb
pault100-09.mpg 1.753 kb here flashes the left one still:)
pault100-10.mpg 6.263 kb here changes the flashing from left to right:)
pault100-11.mpg 1.753 kb
pault100-12.mpg 2.513 kb
pault100-14.mpg 3.979 kb
elpamo.mpg Paul en de filmster Eline:) 1.135 kb
george-t120.mpg George en de filmster Eline:) 4.231 kb

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