The identification of the Atma with Brahman

'Deha', the physical body, is composed of the five primordial elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether [= space = consciousnes red. Blissiness].

In Dzocghen and the bardo (transient into between lives) live goes 'stopping' in the next follow down:
energy goes down via yellow - earth (milt), blue - water (kidneys), red - fire (liver), green - air (lungs) , white - air (heart) and ether ( space - pure consciousness);
Then the individual goes through yellow, blue, red, green to the white light - illuminations: all extrapolations of the former life.
Nothing to be afraid and all to overcome with simply acceptation and understanding as one's own life flame goes down.
Nothing to claim, nothing to identificate with to regain a new birth again.... [red. Blissiness]
Some mystics reach really the rainbow - body; which means that 7 days after their dead one finds only hair and nails.
The whole body (sound - energy - mass - consciousness) is transformed back into pure light - energy with all colours to white light...

Sooner or later, the Deha will perish. But, the 'Dehi' or the indweller, the Atma (Self), has neither birth nor death.
It is indestructible, imperishable and immortal. And this Dehi is one with Brahman (Godhead).
Atma and Brahman are essentially one. The identification of the Atma with Brahman is the final goal of spirituality.


10 th juli 2005