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Last days i was reading Exploration in the eternal (dutch: Pad noch bestemming) from Ramesh S. Balsekar
this is a book for the biggest ego's when they dare asking "who am I"; bought it on 16th nov 1999; read it last week....25 - 30 nov2002
As Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj it said so beautiful downhere, The force of Silent Satsang look a great site

   Seeing that you are nothing is wisdom, seeing that you are all, is love - Zien dat je niets bent is wijsheid, zien dat je alles bent is liefde.

That: who am i? , States sleep dream awake
Advaita: Booklist (in dutch) or The Absolute and Counciousness : I AM THAT: Pure Counciousness, awareness, a particle of eternity's being (remember that the content of counciousness is not the same as Counsciousness :) pure its 'emptyness'
The book:Talks with Ramana Maharshi
The Essential Teachings of Ramana Maharshi
What is Advaita?
Ramesh S. Balsekar now about 86
Nisargadatta Maharaj or Nisagardata Maharaj Bombay, India; Ramana Maharshi, Balsekar and Poonja et.al.
Nisargadatta Maharaj ; Altamira-Becht or dutch books Nisargadatta Maharaj or More links Nisargadatta or Quotes
Nisargadatta Maharaj I AM THAT look for the right link there:)
Alexander Smit: Bewustzijn.
Het onmiddellijke zien van Alexander Smit
Het directe pad van Alexander Smit en Alexander Smit more books below from Alexander Smit in english
Shri Ramana Maharshi site or Arunachala Ashrama or Ramana Maharshi too eplains Guru
Sri H.W.L. Poonja
earlier site with RAMESH S. BALSEKAR about 86 now with Pointers from Nisargadatta Maharaj, written by Ramesh S. Balsekar my search began ... in 1987
With reading 2 translations (one of Explorations into the eternal and one of Counsciousness speaks) my search ended in 2002...
Ramesh S. Balsekars book: "The Ultimate understanding" i start reading now 12 april 2003 as a gift as Counscious noumenon; it's translation will be here after 18 april 2003.
I emailed the Dutch Publisher Altamira-becht: The translation of "The ultimate understanding" : De ultieme waarheid, comes just after Easter 2003 in the bookshops.
This site Wei Wu Wei is connected with the Ultimate understanding of Ramesh S. Balsekar

Another probably more lovely to Ramesh S.Balsekar site i saw on 15 august 2003:http://www.rameshbalsekar.com/

Enlightenment is the sudden recognition that non-duality is, has always been, and will always be the reality of our experience. Duality is an illusion. Consciousness is not private and personal, but impersonal, universal, and eternal. There is no limited personal entity, no conscious ego. The ego is a perceived object, not the all perceiving awareness.
http://www.metor.com/ a good search for 'advaita'
search there for many 'advaita' links on the big www:)
I am glad to know there are satsangs in our country too: look at Hans Laurentius: Also pages in english

Maar, ook al gebeurt het wonder van ontwaking, het Zelf glimlacht volstrekt gelijkmoedig en onthecht, want er is in werkelijkheid niets veranderd.
.Dat, wat voorafgaat aan elke mening, heeft geen mening. Dat wat voorafgaat aan elk gevoel, kent geen voorkeur. Dat wat voorafgaat aan elk vinden-van, vindt niets. Dat wat voorafgaat aan elk denkbeeld, houdt er geen beelden op na.
Het is volstrekt vrij van dit alles. Whether you like it or not.

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