Blissiness Website: 23 december 1997 until Now - Paul Spauwen

Drawings from the past+Photo's earlier made+ My second trip to Greece in 2001+ My trip on motor to France-Italy in 2010

For my former library which is not any more existing in my home see:former library

Times are changing and i moved already from a house to a small appartment since 15 august 2016 i live in.
This webspace is made since 1997 and i write not often more on it now.

BLISS in SILENCE IS ... a desire rises and solves in its own completeness ... AGAIN BLISS in SILENCE IS ...

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Blissiness is the mark on the whole of internet: unique created by Paul Spauwen Blissiness to find all things related in Google So google once on 'blissiness':)

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